WordSlide Battle

If you like playing fast-paced word games, then you'll love WordSlide Battle! The object of the game is to make words by sliding letter tiles. Think fast, you have three one-minute rounds to make more words -- or better ones -- than your opponent.

WordSlide Battle combines the unique gameplay of the highly-rated WordSlide with the multiplayer abilities players have been asking for. Invite a friend to play online or let WordSlide Battle match you against a random opponent. You can even pass your phone or tablet back and forth with a friend for an offline game.

Unlike other word games, in WordSlide Battle you can move the tiles anywhere on the screen -- even on top of other tiles. This makes the action fast and fun and gives you a freedom the other games can't match. Whenever you form a word, the tiles snap together with a satifying click.

Tired of word games that make you wait for your opponent's turn? WordSlide Battle is played in real-time -- there are no long delays while you wait for your opponent.

Challenge yourself with achievements or try for a spot on the leaderboards. WordSlide Battle is the action-packed word game you've been looking for!


From the Reviews

  • "Love this app!! Fun for any Scrabble type word game lover."
  • "Awesome game!!! I'm addicted!!!"
  • "If you like word games like Boggle, you should enjoy this."
  • "I have tried many word games, but this one is the best... Love it!"
  • "I'm hooked for sure. It's simple yet so addicting."
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