Robot Jam Party

Did you ever dream of conducting your own band of musical robots? If so, Robot Jam Party is the game for you! But unlike other "band games", in Robot Jam Party you don't just conduct the music, you can compose it, too! You choose which robots to use for each song. You choose which parts they play, when they play, when to solo a robot, and more. You can even write your own music from scratch if you want to!

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Crash is an all-in-one rhythm section. He may be a bit bleary-eyed, but he's got everything a rhythm robot needs.


He's hip. He's cool. He can lay down a groove and barely move.


Recently retired from the boiler room, SteamBot has a whistle, a clanking belly, and an attitude.


Despite his mechanical appearance, CompuBot has a soul that longs to sing.