Meet Scribbous, the magical creature who wants to help you make words! In his eponymous game, you slide letter tiles to make as many words as you can before time runs out. Every word you make gives you points and more time on the timer. The better the word, the more points (and time!) you get. If you can’t think of any more words to make, tap on Scribbous and he’ll magically change some of the old letters into new letters. But there’s a hitch: if you use him too often, you’ll use up his magical letter-changing energy. (Don’t worry, if you let him rest he’ll regain energy!)

Sounds complicated? It’s not! Check out this video to see Scribbous in action:


Special Tiles

Some tiles have special abilities that activate when you make a word with them:


Scribbous is free, fast-paced and very fun to play. So give Scribbous a try today!
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Q. Can you make the same word more than once?
A. Each word can only be made once per game.

Q. How does scoring work?
A. Each letter tile has a point value which is the same as that used in a very popular board game. I think you know the one. There’s also a multiplier based on the length of the word, so that longer words give you more points.

Q. How do you drag whole words?
A. Just tap on any letter in the word, and the tiles will link together. When the tiles are linked, you can drag the whole word. To unlink the tiles, tap anywhere else on the screen.

Q. Why does the game need special permissions to run (e.g. network access)?
A. Scribbous is entirely ad-supported, so it’s free to you! All permissions are used only to provide ads.

Q. Can you pause the game?
A. Yes, just tap the timer at the upper right part of the screen.